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Itaca Investimenti d'Arte

Itaca Investimenti d'Arte was founded in 2006 with the aim of promoting contemporary art and artists.
In addition to its value and emotion, at has always represented an important form of investment: In addition to its cultural and emotional value, Art has always represented an important form of investment: Itaca accompanies the work of art in its enhancement process up to the sale by offering guaranteed investments to collectors and enthusiasts.
Itaca’s E-Commerce is sensitive to the value of the artwork and the interest of the collector: the principle of investment is supported with an up-to-date and precise set of documentation

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Latest Sales of ItacaGallery

Pietro Mancuso, Proserpina, 2018, Oil on Table, 150x30 cm

Valerius, Ninfa, Lost Wax patinated Bronze, (H. 29cm - L. 39 cm)

Pietro Mancuso, Composizione Concerto, 2013, Oil on Table, 120x130 cm